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Mobile-friendly Websites


Do you know what your website looks like on the small screen of a mobile phone?


As you can imagine, a mobile phone's screen size can't offer the same experience as viewing on a computer screen, and of course websites so far have typically been developed just for computer screens.


How quickly does your website load on a mobile phone?


The speed of Internet connection on mobile phones is still much slower than a broadband connection, so the loading time of many websites that are not mobile-friendly can be very slow on a mobile phone. Think about your own use of the Internet. If something loads slowly do you happily wait for it? or do you simply move on looking for another source of similar information or service? You can lose targeted customers if your website experience is poor, and this now includes the website experience on mobile phones.


These days your prospects and customers are becoming increasingly mobile. As a small business you need to move with the times and cater to this new trend.


You should aim to offer a great mobile user experience, making sure your website quickly and easily gets across exactly the type of information your mobile prospects and customers need to see, in the format that's immediately useful to them. This may mean a new primary focus on where and how your business can be found, including directions if you like, and/or how you can be contacted. It's even possible to have a clickable phone number that rings you immediately from the site visitor's mobile phone!


Mobile technology is the new wave of innovation. If you get in now you'll be among the first to reap the rewards.




Q. Does this mean I'll need to totally redevelop my website?


A. Not at all. The smart way is to keep everything the same as you already have and simply develop something separately for the mobile user experience. Having two separate web destinations means you can optimise each for the targeted audience. This needs to be as simple as possible for the person using your website, so it should be invisible to them.


Q. Will I have to go through a lengthy and costly website building process?


A. No. The basic service we're offering includes extracting the necessary information from your existing website and creating a mobile-friendly experience using that. If you want to manipulate that further we can work together to make sure you're happy with the final result.


Q. Do I need a new web address for my mobile-friendly website?


A. That's an option, but it's not necessary. We can help you with registering a .mobi version of your domain name ( and provide hosting for a specific mobile-friendly website if you wish. That may help with search engines in the future, however it's also possible to simply use your existing web hosting account for now if that is your preference.


Q. Will my customers have to remember a new address if they want to access my website from a mobile phone?


A. No. Whichever approach is taken, your website visitors will still simply visit your existing website at They will then be automatically directed to the appropriate destination depending on whether they are on a computer or a mobile phone.


Q. Will this work on all mobile phones?


A. The answer to that largely depends on the individual phone setup. Some mobile phone browsers are set up to purposely display a website as it would be seen on a full computer screen. Obviously in these cases, that's precisely what will happen, whether or not the result offers a good viewing experience. This setup can typically be changed by the mobile phone user so she is able to view your site in a more suitable way for a mobile phone if she wishes.


Want more information?


If you can recognise the real benefits to your business of making sure you have a mobile-friendly website and you'd like to know more about our brand new service, please contact us here right now. Don't delay, because the list of people indicating interest in this service is growing rapidly.