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Website Editing and Maintenance


Today your website may be up and running and looking great, but tomorrow it will probably already be a little out of date.


Have you read through your website material lately? If you make a point to read it from the perspective of a first-time site visitor, I guarantee you'll think of better ways to say what you've got there right now. You'll probably also realise there are new things you just can't wait to add in, preferably before the next site visitor arrives.


A website is never meant to be "finished". It's a living on-line document, always needing updates and additions. In fact, it's often the smaller finishing touches that make a real difference to the way the website truly "hangs together" and these finer details make it work most effectively.


Through Insight Resources you can access a very simple, timely and cost effective website editing service. Everyday website maintenance is now much more accessible to you because the changes you need can be made when you need them and at a price you can afford.


Why Your Website Needs Regular Care and Attention


Your website is your "virtual shop front" for whatever you're promoting so you should never allow it to appear uncared for. If your website has any spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, "typos" or broken links, these leave a very poor impression in the mind of your valued visitor.


They make it appear as though the website owner doesn't care about the site, even though this would be far from the truth. This can then lead the visitor to expect the same from the website's information, and your business's products and/or services.


Do you add fresh information to your pages regularly? If not, why should a visitor return after his/her first visit? It's also something that search engines look for so it can help to place your site better in search engine results if your site regularly changes and grows.


Lower cost and quicker completion


By concentrating on day-to-day website edits and building simple websites rather than script programming, e-commerce functionality, website graphic design and in-depth search engine optimisation, I can provide a focused service at very reasonable rates.


Business Web Design Specialists on the other hand can and often do charge significant fees because of their specialised body of knowledge. This is not a bad thing. It's just the way the marketplace works. They have information and skills that the prospective website owners don't have, but need. Supply and demand effectively determines the price.


Unfortunately for some this has not been a pleasurable experience. Here's a scary real life "horror story" about web design costs if you need convincing about this.


Also, when these Web Designers are busy developing large, complex websites, the smaller job turnaround times can be affected, so it becomes very frustrating for you when you're just wanting to make a few minor alterations to your site. Perhaps the changes don't even get made because it all seems too hard or too costly.


These minor alterations are what keep your website up to date, correct and relevant though. They're very important. Your site needs this regular care and attention, but not necessarily from a Graphic Design Artist or a Search Engine Optimisation expert.


"Laser beam" focus


Certainly you should use these people when you need their specific skills, but for your website's everyday care these costly specialised skills aren't required; just a smaller, focused subset. That's what you can find here with Insight Resources.


Ideally the best solution is for you to make these small changes yourself as they come to mind, but not many business website owners are in the position to be able to do this, or even want to learn what's required to do it. You're a business person, not a webmaster. You need to focus on your business, not learn how to edit your website.


So now you can get...

  • A professional quality job,

  • meeting your everyday needs for website care,

  • at everyday rates with flexible options.

Does that sound like an editing service you could use? Why not check out the low costs now.


Okay, let's do it!


So ... would you like my help to keep your website as up to date as possible, and as simply and cost effectively as possible?


Just contact me through any of the Contact links inside the snazzy looking sphere at the top of all pages and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to talk about how I can help you with what you need.


In the meantime you might like to take a look at the very simple terms of the website editing service here, and certainly also check out my background credentials so you know who you're dealing with.