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Website Editing Costs


Indicative Job Types Cost *
Basic set of quick edits and minimum charge $30
Larger set of changes and additions $45 - $60
Add a new page to an existing site $75 - $120

Payments in Advance
(Perfect for permitting repeated small changes whenever they're needed.)
Single Payment
(No limit on number of jobs and no expiry date.)
$50 per hour
(instead of $60)
with a minimum of 5 hours pre-paid and a maximum of 10 hours
Subscription Payment - One hour paid monthly in advance via PayPal.
Unused time is carried forward to a maximum of 3 hours.
$50 per month


* Note that all prices are quoted in Australian dollars. GST does not apply.



To be as cost effective for you as possible, and encourage regular updating so your site never falls in to disrepair, I charge in less than hourly increments. I don't use the common practice of applying a minimum one hour charge, with charges "per hour or part thereof" beyond the first hour.


This means more appropriate charging for the type and regularity of work being performed for you. The "Payments in Advance" options are even more cost effective, allowing you much more freedom for regular website updating at even better rates.


Now you can make the website changes you need on a frequent basis as the needs arise, rather than storing them all up for one large specialist consultation. (Of course, while they're storing up your website would be getting further and further out of date, and more people would be seeing it in an unsuitable state.)


These low rates are how I meet your everyday website needs.


Ready to use this service?


First please read these simple terms of service.


Now contact me through any of the Contact links inside the snazzy looking sphere at the top of all pages and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to talk about how I can help you.