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We Can All Predict the Future


Even though most of it may be a mystery, we can readily predict one certain thing about the future: the Internet will be part of it.


It will keep evolving, but one way or another the Internet will play an increasingly significant role in our personal and business futures.


One example of this evolution is the current massive trend to mobile technologies. If you already have a website but you haven't taken in to account how effective it is when viewed on a mobile phone screen, I have some good news about easily making your website mobile-friendly. See these "Frequently Asked Questions".


No matter how obvious it might seem that the Internet is here to stay, there are still many local businesses who haven't acted on this simple insight yet and don't have a web presence. If you're one of them, you'll love how I can make sure your business keeps pace with this trend simply, and for a very low investment.


One other thing is certain too: it's time to act now.


Why Act Now?


For a start it's now so easy to do. To stake your claim on the Internet to be a part of this future you can begin by simply registering your business name as an Internet address, in preparation for the day when you're ready to have your first website.


An even better reason to do this today is to stop someone else registering it before you do.


It's a case of "first in first served" for available names, so getting your preferred Internet address sooner rather than later is a very wise business decision. Contact me so I can show you how to save up to $200.00 registering your address for just $15 per year! (Remember, you don't even need to set up a website initially if you're not ready.)


Having your own unique Internet address can boost your business image and credibility. It also allows you to have an unlimited number of professional looking business email addresses like


A second reason to act now is that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on building and maintaining a website these days, and you certainly don't have to know anything about the technology used...


I'll show you how you can have your first business website in just seven easy steps for just $350.

My system will guide you all the way and is designed especially for those who have no idea where to start.


Who Needs a Website?


The Internet can help every business these days, whether large or small, local or international, retail, wholesale or service. To be frank, your business needs a presence there because it is the future direction of commerce.


It's indisputable that more and more people every day are using the Internet for researching their shopping choices for both products and services, and doing their shopping online. Naturally then, having a website means you can tap in to a much larger market.


Even if you believe your products or services can never be sold over the net (and there are examples of these) the Internet can still help your business. It can help whether you're a traditional "bricks and mortar" business, or a home-based business, and whether you're selling products or services.


For example, in its simplest form it could just act as an information service for your existing customers, to improve your relationship with them and increase the chances of continued, and hopefully increasing custom from them.


If your competitors are doing it, and your customers are using the net more and more to look for information about service providers and the products and services they want, its clear rational logic that you need to be there too!


Websites Optimised for Mobiles


There's even more to think about concerning websites these days too. Have you noticed how many people now have mobile phones that can and do access the Internet to search for information? They use their mobiles when they are on the move and need to search for a local restaurant, or a nearby mechanic, a physiotherapist, a chemist, a doctor, pool shop etc etc. The list could get very long.


When you have a website, make sure it works effectively for mobile phones and you won't miss out on any opportunities that may come your way from potential customers who are out and about. Remember, a website developed for a computer screen may not look good or work as you expect when viewed on a mobile phone screen. This needs some special consideration, but we have a very easy and low cost mobile-friendly solution for you.


Website Maintenance


Websites can actually lose business for you if they're not looked after, so if you already have a website I invite you to try my website editing and maintenance service.


It's quick, easy, professional and priced for everyone to use. This service is designed for you if you don't know how to make changes to your website yourself, or you don't want to do this, or you're not happy with how your site is being maintained right now.


Let me help you keep your site looking just the way you want, and ensure it stays fresh and up to date extremely cost effectively.


So, which of the following options best meets your needs right now? Select one of these buttons:

Low cost websites for local businesses Make your website work effectively on mobile phone screens Website maintenance keeps your website fresh and up to date

Best regards,
Darryl West

Insight Resources

Queensland, Australia